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Because of Onsite, I am seeing the things I need to work on but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Jessica, Alumni

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Onsite partners with the world's top therapists specializing in trauma, codependency, process addiction, stress and burn out, family of origin, and shame resiliency to help people overcome dysfunctional patterns and establish healthy relationships.

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Onsite gave me hope. They loved me in a way that I haven’t been loved in a long time. Trina, Alumni

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Grief, Dreams, and a Rocking Chair

Grief, Dreams, and a Rocking Chair by: Suzanne Kane The day after my husband and I returned home from our honeymoon, we closed on our first home. In a short few weeks, two of my dreams had come true and I was glowing inside and out. As we settled into marriage and homeownership, I quickly … Continue reading Grief, Dreams, and a Rocking Chair

I don’t need to be a certain set of characteristics or a certain type of person for other people to like me. I am allowed to be myself and other people will like me for me. Ross, Alumni


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