A Wonderful Tool For Trauma

A Wonderful Tool For Trauma
Bill Lokey

Trauma is a hot topic in therapy training these days and for good reason because competent work with trauma survivors is so very important. When you read The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk it is amazing how many harmful things have been done in the past in the name of “mental health” to those people who needed help with the enduring effects of trauma in their lives. In my professional work at Onsite I have searched for effective tools that help trauma survivors and have found several that I think work very well with many people. There is one that I am particularly excited about called “Trauma Stage Processing” because of how effectively it works in:
1. Processing an upsetting trauma memory
2. Is generally used in a single one-and-a-half to two-hour session
3. Seems to work safely even when the client has a tendency to dissociate
4. Usually shifts or reverses a negative core belief about self
5. Can be learned more readily than other techniques I have learned

You can read about the trainings we lead for this at Onsite Workshops and register here: https://www.onsiteworkshops.com/programs/professional-training/trauma-stage-process-training/
My wife Laurie Lokey, a certified trauma therapist, learned this process as she worked for several years with Dr. Lee Norton, a board certified forensic traumatologist who developed the core of it. Laurie was finding such positive outcomes with people who had serious PTSD symptoms that I became curious about what they were doing and their success stories. So I became a student of their work as well. With time Laurie and I made a few additions based on discoveries we made working with clients and so in time we began to teach therapists this process, which we have named Trauma Stage Processing, which we now teach to therapists at Onsite. The first year we began our training, we went to Uganda, Africa and trained 40 counselors who immediately put it to use with their trauma clients and were excited at how well it worked. The last three years we have led professional trainings at Onsite for therapists from around the country. I continually get calls from therapists who are excited after they went home and used the method with clients and say that their client had a breakthrough. (As I’m writing this I realize this sounds like an infomercial but it’s true.) I guess that is why I am excited about this tool for trauma.
Our training for Trauma Stage Processing at Onsite is a three-day training that provides 23 continuing education credits and you will leave with specific tools to use with your clients when you get home. Since much of the training is experiential you may get the opportunity to experience some of the tools yourself as a client, which helps you retain what you learn more effectively.
The next training is April 17th – 20th, arriving the evening of the 17th. To register call our office and ask for someone in admissions to register for the Trauma Stage Processing training. We limit the number in attendance to keep it from being too large so call soon since it may fill up. I look forward to meeting you and helping you gain ways to effectively work with your clients.

Bill Lokey, MA, CTT
Chief Clinical Officer – Onsite