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Milestones Staff

Cindy Westcott, Clinical Director
Dr. Neil Bomar, Medical Director
Robert Chapman, Primary Therapist
Janet Heilbronn, Primary Therapist
Ginny Leary, Primary Therapist
Trish Reynolds-Hastings, Primary Therapist
Marie Turley, Adjunct Therapist
Kim Rodgers, Clinical Liaison
Amber Higgins, LPN
Caitlin Byrd, Continuing Care Coordinator
Caren Marvin, Client Advocate Supervisor
Marquisha Adkisson, Client Advocate
Cheryl Forrester, Client Advocate
David Steele, Client Advocate
Ariel Franklyn, Client Advocate
Carey Simpson, Client Advocate
Laurie Jordan, Client Advocate

What is Milestones?

Milestones at Onsite is a residential program for trauma, codependency, depression and mental health. Milestones at Onsite is an integrative program that is designed to provide trauma and PTSD treatment in a 30 to 90 day length of stay. Milestones offers multiple progressive clinical modalities based on specific individual needs, as well as warm hospitality and excellent customer service. Programming is structured, yet flexible, in order to accommodate the unique strengths, abilities, needs, and goals of each client. You will find that our core foundational components of passion, unconditional love, grace and clinical excellence create a unique formula for sustained change from the inside out.

Why is it important to treat Trauma and PTSD?

Unresolved PTSD and trauma can manifest in a variety of self-destructive ways, impacting relationships, increasing the risk for developing addiction and can lead to serious depression and anxiety.

Different Types of Trauma:



Sexual Abuse/Assault

Sexual Harassment

Loss of a loved one

Infidelity and Betrayal

Military/Law Enforcement Experiences


Violence Trauma

Natural Disaster


Religious or Spiritual Trauma

Growing up with addiction

Chronic medical or mental illness in a parent or parental figure

Financial trauma or abuse

Understanding the Need for Support While Coping with Trauma

Trauma affects everyone differently. Some individuals may clearly display criteria associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but many more individuals will exhibit resilient responses or brief subclinical symptoms or consequences that fall outside of diagnostic criteria. The impact of trauma can be subtle, insidious, or outright destructive. How an event affects an individual depends on many factors, including characteristics of the individual, the type and characteristics of the event(s), developmental processes, the meaning of the trauma, and sociocultural factors.

At Milestones at Onsite, we define trauma as anything in your life that has been less than nurturing. When these non-nurturing events occur, we may end up developing an emotional or psychological wound. While some people may be able to move beyond this experience with the help of friends, family, and an extensive support network, others do not have these resources and end up feeling isolated. This can lead to an inability to cope, causing functioning in everyday life to become a challenge, ultimately leading to place of feeling stuck.

It can be difficult to see the vast effects a traumatic event or events is having on your life. At Milestones at Onsite, we want you to know that we stand behind you one hundred percent. We want to support you and walk with you into your recovery. We believe in unconditional love and when you come to Milestones at Onsite, you become family. We are here to help and we’d be honored to have the opportunity to show up for you and help you discover joy in your life.

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