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Cindy Westcott, Clinical Director
Dr. Neil Bomar, Medical Director
Robert Chapman, Primary Therapist
Janet Heilbronn, Primary Therapist
Ginny Leary, Primary Therapist
Trish Reynolds-Hastings, Primary Therapist
Marie Turley, Adjunct Therapist
Kim Rodgers, Clinical Liaison
Amber Higgins, LPN
Caitlin Byrd, Continuing Care Coordinator
Caren Marvin, Client Advocate Supervisor
Marquisha Adkisson, Client Advocate
Cheryl Forrester, Client Advocate
David Steele, Client Advocate
Ariel Franklyn, Client Advocate
Carey Simpson, Client Advocate
Laurie Jordan, Client Advocate

Environmental Trauma

Our global family faces many environmental challenges. Some of these are big, obvious and well known, like climate change, pollution and soil infertility. However, many of these challenges appear much less dramatic on the surface. For example, did you know that easy access to parks is associated with lower incidences of depression, anxiety and even heart disease amongst urban populations? Or that the average American spends 37% longer in the work environment than in 1970, despite no real increase in pay or other tangible benefits? At Milestones, we understand that our environment is a crucial fulcrum upon which mental health can pivot. It can change rapidly, and our instinctive reactions to it can actually compromise our well-being. Through our lecture series on the environment and mental health, we inform guests of the emancipation that comes from taking charge of their immediate environment. Drawing from many fields, including environmental psychology, disaster psychology, sociology, epidemiology, horticulture therapy and public health, our interdisciplinary approach considers the many manifestations of the environment in the modern world. We examine the benefits of green spaces, the metamorphosis of the digital environment and the age of information, the day-to-day impact of global issues like climate change, the re-emergence of horticultural therapy, how to optimize the home environment, and the consequences of urban living and globalization. More importantly, we equip our guests with the tools and knowledge to find sanctuary and serenity in their everyday environment once they leave Milestones. It is part of our commitment to holistic health, to empowering our guests, and to leaving no stone unturned in the quest to better fulfill our therapeutic mission. It is often in the simplest changes that the heart finds its most profound healing.


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