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January 12-19, 2018
March 9-16, 2018
May 11-18, 2018
July 13-20, 2018
September 14-21, 2018
November 9-16, 2018


Program Fee: $ 5300

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his customized program is based on the latest information by leaders in the field of sexual addiction and compulsivity. Modeled after our highly successful Living Centered Program, this program gives participants the opportunity to explore personal aspects that fuel sexual issues, such as family of origin issues, unresolved loss and shame, and the inability to identify and appropriately express feelings. Research is available showing the effectiveness of this program.

The Healing Curriculum

This intense program includes small group experiential process and learning experiences. Activities may include therapeutic role play, presentations, education, 12-step experiences, psychodramatic techniques and self-worth exercises. Participants will also develop an aftercare plan. Responding to requests from both clients and referring therapists, we are offering several sessions of Healthy Sexuality & Intimacy specifically for men. These sessions are designed to allow participants in same-sex groups the safety and opportunity to explore topics concerning compulsive acting out, distorted body image, fear of sexual self, painful consequences, sexual anorexia, and stereotypical roles for males in regard to healthy sexuality.

What types of issues will be addressed in the Healthy Sexuality & Intimacy Program?

The Healthy Sexuality & Intimacy Program is an intensive 6 ½ day program designed to help participants address sexual addiction and compulsivity. During the program participants typically explore personal issues that fuel sexual issues such as family of origin, historic shame, grief, loss, denial, co-existing dependencies, trauma and destructive behavior patterns. In addition, participants examine the consequences of acting out, relapse triggers and techniques to stay abstinent from sexual acting out.


What strategies are used during the program?

In addition to our primary group experiential therapy model, strategies may also include our unique adventure therapy initiatives, trauma resolution activities, written exercises, support group meetings, mindfulness practice and educational presentations.

Each participant will leave with an extensive aftercare plan which includes recommendations for therapeutic support, 12 Step meetings, techniques and tools to stay abstinent, and an action and accountability plan for follow through after the program.

Am I appropriate for the program?

Participants appropriate for this 6 ½ day workshop will be at the stage of admitting that they have a problem with compulsive sexual behaviors, and/or fantasies which have persisted despite efforts to stop. They will also be willing to discuss their acting out behaviors, and they will demonstrate a sincere desire to change. This workshop will be most helpful for sex addicts with Level I type behaviors as defined by Dr. Patrick Carnes in his book, Don’t Call it Love, e.g., compulsive masturbation, compulsive use of pornography, affairs, romance, and fantasy addiction, cybersex, chat lines, etc.

Who will be directing the program?

Onsite staff members, who are trained in working with sexual issues will supervise, direct, and group lead this program. All group work is directed by licensed therapists, psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, and/or psychiatrists.

What makes this program special?

Onsite uses a unique model of experiential group therapy which includes sculpting, role playing, gestalt, psychodrama techniques, music, art, adventure initiative therapy, and equine assisted therapy. These tools help to uncover, clarify, and resolve areas of emotional pain.

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