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January 26-31, 2018
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Program Fee: $ 3900

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This 4½ day group program provides a safe nurturing environment essential for building self-worth.

The Healing Love Addiction Program will allow you to address core wounds driving self-sabotaging behaviors and the need for external validation and approval.

This program begins by looking at the basic human rights we all have when we are born.

Were our needs for nurture and support met growing up?

We will explore what happens if we don’t get those needs met and how that impacts our adult life relationship patterns.

When we don’t get our emotional needs met, we start to look at other relationships to fulfill those needs.

This affects our self-worth and self-esteem. We then learn to hide or protect our true self and feelings. We become inauthentic and often medicate the pain that causes.


We feel that we need other people’s love to be ok. We don’t see the real person, but rather we see who we need them to be. When they don’t turn out to meet our unrealistic expectations, we become angry and resentful.

The goal is a more compassionate relationship with yourself. Self love and self-worth are the foundational structures for inner wholeness.

You will work on an emotional level to restore your true worth with healthy validation and support. The program will provide the tools to work through these issues and help create a healthy self care plan moving forward.

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