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February 16-21, 2018
April 20-25, 2018
June 22-27, 2018
August 17-22, 2018
October 19-24, 2018
December 14-19, 2018


Program Fee: $ 5500

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Any couple striving for greater intimacy and fulfillment can benefit from this program. Intense work is done with couples who have been together for many years, as well as those who are in a new relationship or those contemplating ending their relationship.

The Healing Curriculum

Coupleship is a 4 ½-day program that helps couples learn essential skills for creating or maintaining a healthy relationship. The skills taught include how to share feelings, renew intimacy, and enhance overall communication, commitment, forgiveness and joy. Presentations and exercises address such issues as how the past affects current relationships, sexuality and intimacy, managing conflict, blocks that keep relationships from growing, negotiating, and romance responsibilities. This helpful information is combined with rich sharing, practice, and connection in couples groups. In all, participants gain a clearer picture of their relationships. Couples leave with the essential tools for change.

All of the Coupleship Programs can help you:

  • Learn essential relationship skills.
  • Be aware of individual responsibilities in the relationship.
  • Clarify relationship issues and choices.
  • Learn to model healthy relationships.
  • Learn and practice communication skills.
  • Renew trust.
  • Learn to manage conflict.
  • Increase intimacy.

What can a couple expect from their participation in the Coupleship Program?

This workshop lets couples get away from their busy lives and retreat to focus on their relationship for 4 ½ days without interruptions of daily life. The process combines information, practice, therapy and structure, helping couples get a clear picture of where the relationship stands and learn new skills to enhance the relationship. Because the couples are here for such a concentrated time, and with our active experiential techniques, we are able to show couples what brought them together from their histories, how history impacts the relationship today, and how their current life situations and patterns of interaction interfere and/or enhance the relationship.

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Do couples need to be in crisis to attend?

We have couples attend who are in every stage of their relationship. Some couples in a new relationship come with the goal of developing a healthy, positive coupleship, while others are in great pain and have ended or are considering ending their relationship. Most fall somewhere in between. Many couples attend who are in transition and experiencing life changes, who want to rekindle the passion and joy in the relationship, or who need to rebuild trust.

What model of couple’s therapy do you use?

As with our individual therapy programs, we use experiential therapy. This dynamic method combines techniques from psychodrama, gestalt, group process, art, music, and behavioral therapies to allow issues, awareness and feelings to emerge. In addition, couples practice communication and conflict resolution skills throughout the program. The workshops considers the relationship as our client while the couple is here: thus any major individual issues that emerge during the program are referred out for further work at home. We focus only on how these individual issues affect the coupleship. The underlying philosophy is consistent with research, which shows that lasting success in relationships requires a combination of increasing positive regard in relationships, and ability to use repair techniques in conflict.

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