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June 16-23, 2018


Program Fee: $ 5000

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In a small town in Montana where the Great Plains rise to meet the Rocky Mountains, a small group of Onsite clients will gather in late June. They will come to share an extraordinary week in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with two experienced Onsite equine therapists, a cook, a wrangler, and a small herd of gentle, well loved horses.

Riding into the Bob Marshall, each on a carefully assigned horse, these men and women will be entering an amazing six days that will be filled with safe adventures of spirit, relationship, learning, and breath-taking beauty.

The ride to our base camp follows the Dearborn River, winding through canyons and through forests of fir and aspen. Total saddle time is four hours, punctuated by lunch and stretch breaks. Most importantly, this first day on the trail deepens a bond of community that will support each person throughout this week of dramatic change and healing.

Our camp is tucked just under the Continental Divide. Each day, we will ride to nearby meadows for intensive equine and group work. We return to camp to share hearty dinners and tall tales around the campfire or wood stove and slide into sleeping bags in our tents or under the stars.

Throughout the week, with the horses as co-therapists and companions, and the human therapists as guides, clients are able to release emotions that have become a maze of depression, anxiety, addictions, or messy relationships. Our first herd of horses will offer honest, visible feedback; comfort and challenge.

Deep exciting movement does not depend on any previous experience with horses. Instead, change occurs as a result of your ability to be open and willing.


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