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Living Centered Program II

Have the courage to continue.


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July 13-18, 2018


Program Fee: $ 3000

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The Living Centered Program II (LCP II) was specifically designed and added due to consistent feedback from alumni and our referring professionals. The most common request by Living Centered Program (LCP) participants is that they would like to extend or return and attend a similar experience that would continue them on their recovery path, take them to a deeper level, or serve as a refresher. We have finally created that opportunity with the LCP II. This workshop is a great addition for anyone who has attended an LCP or other Onsite Program.

The Healing Curriculum

This 4.5 day intensive therapeutic program will build on and address the foundational components introduced in the LCP. It will take a deeper look at trauma patterns, codependency, and relationships, and how they affect long term happiness and balance. We will use an integrative approach incorporating a variety of modalities (i.e. meditation, labyrinth) in addition to the small group experiential experience. LCP II will help you look at the realities of your current choices and lifestyle. This honest examination will help you explore personal power and wholeness with support to make life-enhancing changes. Participants will develop an individualized, holistic self-care plan to ensure guidance upon completion of the program.

This Program can help you:

  • Bring major aspects of your life into balance.
  • Address unresolved areas of your life that keep you stuck or feeling hopeless.
  • Renew energy and enthusiasm.
  • Recognize and label defeating patterns and find alternatives.
  • Make healthy choices for change.
  • Build trust through safe risk-taking.
  • Reduce stress.

Program's Special Emphasis:

Relationships | Codependency and Other Medicators | Family of Origin and Generational Influence | Emotional Trauma Resolution | Affirmation and Forgivness | Understanding Intimacy | Grief and Loss | Balancing Thoughts, Feelings and Actions | Making Choices and Expanding Options | Connecting With Self and Others

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