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September 21-26, 2018


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Healing Money Issues is designed for people seeking to understand their relationship with money. The Wall Street Journal referred to this workshop as “an innovative effort that combines Experiential Therapy with nuts and bolts financial planning.”

For many people, current problematic or confusing money issues such as overspending, hoarding, family discord, entitlement, “thinking poor”, debting, inability to receive, save, or follow through on good financial plans, and similar issues often have historic ties to innocent beliefs and feelings from our past. This 5 1/2-day program is designed to allow participants the opportunity to examine the life experiences that have shaped their current relationship with money as well as process feelings and behaviors that are attached to these beliefs.

In this program, all participants will be given the opportunity to look at new ways of relating to money. Specific experiential techniques such as psychodrama, guided imagery, meditations, written exercises, and small group process will be used. Many areas will be examined as they relate to money issues such as family of origin, unresolved trauma, loss, shame, emotions, dreams and hopes. By the program’s end, participants will have an opportunity to identify a plan of recovery for their money issues.

Financial Integration Workshop

This highly customized program is designed to allow clients to work privately with specially trained staff on areas of concern regarding their financial life. For additional information on this program contact our office.

Healing Money Issues is based on the lifechanging new book, The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge. Written by Onsite’s Ted Klontz, Rick Kahler, and Brad Klontz, the book is available at Onsite, bookstores and

These programs can help you:

  • Identify the beliefs and feelings about money that keep you stuck.
  • Examine how your net worth can impact your self-worth.
  • Discover your authentic goals and values.
  • Process life experiences that have shaped your relationships with money.
  • Look at new ways of gaining information about and relating to money.
  • Leave a family legacy of financial wellness.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for people seeking to understand their relationship with money. Anyone who has concerns about how he or she thinks and behaves around financial and life planning issues can come to this program to increase their understanding of their own behaviors and how their histories and current experiences shape that behavior. This program can also be helpful for professionals such as attorneys, financial planners, accountants, bankers and therapists who assist clients daily with their money issues. It is important to understand and be clear about personal money issues in order to be most helpful in guiding others.

What will happen during the workshop?

There will be three components to the workshop. The centerpiece of the program is experiential therapy group process where participants can explore the issues that drive their behavior and attitudes about money. The second component is participation in experiential exercises, psychodramatic techniques, guided

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