Parenting Program

If you grew up in a dysfunctional family system, you’re an expert in what doesn’t work. Unfortunately, that does not provide information about what does. The result is that we go from one extreme to the other, resulting in frustration and guilt.

This program is for parents who are looking for long-term parenting skills that will encourage their children to think for themselves and others.

The Healing Curriculum
The Parenting Program is a 5 ½-day workshop that helps parents learn effective skills for creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with their children.

We will take a look at some of the core, underlying issues that might be causing us to feel stuck in difficult relationship dynamics and painful patterns. Therapeutic work is done in a group setting with other parents who need support and have similar issues.

The education and skills taught include how to:

• Work through kids’ power struggles
• Maintain bedtime and morning routines
• Support productivity around homework and chores
• Defuse sibling conflicts
• Be vulnerable and share feelings in a healthy way
• Raise our emotional IQ
• Create and set boundaries
• Enhance overall communication.
• Negotiate & manage conflict
• Address challenging parent-child situations.
• How our past affects current relationships and what roles we all play today
• Connect with compassion. Undo shame and allow imperfection.

The process integrates education, therapy, and practice to help parents get a clear picture of what roles we all play, where the relationships stand, and learn new skills to enhance the relationships moving forward. This helpful information is combined with rich sharing, practice, and connection with other parents.

In all, participants gain a clearer picture of their parenting dynamics, how to respond to high stress scenarios & resistant child behavior, how to approach situations from a more balanced perspective, and how to best support ourselves in a more healthy way.

Parents leave with the essential tools for change and a self care plan for moving forward.

Who should attend?

Any parent that has a child struggling with emotional and behavioral issues can benefit from this program.
We know that kids fare better in their therapeutic process when parents engage in their own healing work.
We have parents attend who are in different stages of their relationships with their children.

Some parents have children currently in treatment programs.

Some parents have children that are considering therapeutic options and need a supportive experience with other like minded parents going through similar situations.

Some parents have children that have already been through treatment and need to reconnect and have a healing experience for themselves.

Often parents will come to us not knowing what to do, but they know the way things are now are not working and they need some relief.

Our goal is to meet people where they are and help provide a supportive and healing process to help them get unstuck.

This workshop lets parents get away from their busy lives to focus on their relationships without interruptions.

Team Approach

We are just a part of the overall healing process. Prior to arrival and upon completion, Onsite does collaborate with any treating professionals that the family is currently working with to ensure we are keeping everyone connected and give the best chance of a positive and impactful experience. We will do upfront clinical consultations and post program aftercare plan consultations.

The price of the Parenting Program is $2,900 per person or $4,000 per couple.