Cindy Celebrates The Milestones Clinical Team

Recently Milestones Clinical Director, Cindy Westcott, went through program evaluations and shared some of her favorites with the team. When asked “How do clients at Milestones like their therapists and medical director”? These were there responses:

Ginny Leary

“Ginny is a wonderful therapist. Core group is comfortable, open, and safe. Activities are extremely helpful in each client’s process. Assignments are given weekly and have been very beneficial to my recovery. Ginny’s different approach to each of her clients is her strongest point. She has a wonderful way of connecting with people and getting others to open up. She cares about each one of her client’s process and does her best to be available at all times and helps others connect the dots through their trauma process and recovery.”
“Ginny was hands down the best therapist I have worked with. Extremely sharp and knowledgeable. She has a talent for reading body language and breaking through barriers that people put up in a non-confrontational way. I would recommend her to anyone.”
“Ginny is top notch and easy to work with. She gets to the root of the problem in a kind and timely fashion and her assignments were quite personalized to my specific trauma and learning ability/personality. Her strength lies in getting you to process things you couldn’t previously process and her weakness is that core group can sometimes run a few minutes over”

“Ginny Leary is an excellent therapist. She knows what she is doing. I wish I could continue to see her.”
“Ginny was an excellent therapist and I felt honored to have been her patient. There cannot be a facility in this country better (than Milestones).”

Trish Hastings


“Trish is strong. She is thorough, challenging yet inviting and encouraging. I needed a stronger type and I feel I got exactly what I needed. Core groups were very organized and engaging.”

“Trish was absolutely phenomenal. I can’t say enough good things about her and my time with her. The only thing that could have made my core group experience better would’ve been more time allotted to those activities.”

“Trish is amazing that’s all!”

“I really liked and respected Trish. She is an excellent listener and she was able to push me on some important points.”

“Trish is a goddess. I want to take her home.”


Janet Heilbronn

“My primary therapist was my favorite aspect of my experience here. Janet was the perfect combination of keeping me accountable while also being empathetic to my issues. I felt I could always come to her about issues I had in the community. Core group always felt like a safe place to me. I felt like I could communicate safely with other clients while being heard and understood.”
“I loved Janet! And my core group! I felt open and safe-like I could share anything.”
“I had Janet for my primary therapist, and I LOVE her. She has many techniques…all culminating into an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me…a moment of relief from much pain. These moments will be forever treasured…forever remembered.”
“Janet encouraged us to sit with uncomfortable feelings instead of just reacting to them-and-asked us to ‘be curious’-both of these were helpful to me as I am usually reactive to my feelings. Great tools for me, and I have been using them here at Milestones and know they have helped.”
“I liked Janet from the start. She did not shy away from anything. I knew she had my back and that I could go with her with anything. She took the time to hear me. Really hear me.”

Kim Rodgers

“There were no weak points with regard to my adjunct therapist. Kim was wonderful at balancing listening and talking. Often in therapy the dynamic between client and therapist feels very one sided. Kim changed this dynamic for me. I could talk to her about all of my issues without fear of judgement. I loved doing EMDR…it was a new experience that really helped me with my trauma.”
“Kim was a wonderful adjunct. She was a great listener and challenges from many different angles. I instantly felt safe with Kim and her communication with my primary therapist was a huge plus on my end so I wasn’t repeating myself or having similar sessions with my other therapist.”
“Kim is really good in her approach with clients. She helped me with some outside situations, making plans, and phone calls. She also gave me assignments where I turned negative thoughts into affirmations. Her strongest point is her way to engage with others and listen, and help calm the situation and come up with a plan to help calm the anxiety.”

“Kim was excellent! The EMDR I did with her was VERY helpful.”


Marie Turley

“I had Marie and I love her too! She brings her own style…and she is ‘spot on’ many times…I wish I could describe it. There were so many times that she would say something, and I knew that second in my soul that she was so accurate! I loved it…she gave me new perspectives that have changed my life.”

“(Marie) knows so many therapy tools…she used several with me, which I truly appreciated. I got a LOT from my sessions with her. Truly appreciated Marie. She is amazing and made huge impacts in my growth.”

“Marie is amazing. Marie took her time and did not rush me. She supported what I needed to do. The different options in regard to how my session was approached gave me space. Thank you Marie!”

“Marie’s strength in sensory and stress reducing techniques is beyond compare.”

“Marie emanated empathy. She gauged, based on my stress level and specific issues which came up…what therapy was appropriate..EFT, EFS, singing bowls, brainspotting, etc. I always (looked) forward to my sessions with her.”

Bobby Chapman

” I had a great experience with Bobby. He helped me greatly pulling up memories from the past and processing them.”
“Bobby kills it. Best there is.”

“Bobby was new here…a really great dude. VERY encouraging and helpful.”
“Bobby was also great. We discovered a trauma that I buried for 42 years. The EMDR was so helpful in dealing with other trauma. He knew exactly what I needed and together we prioritized the treatment.”
“Bobby was a good fit for me. He and I did a ton of work on my past traumas that I had minimized. He was extremely knowledgeable in the field and helped me with some major breakthroughs. His direct style worked well for me in confronting some important issues from my past.”

Dr. Neil Bomar

“Dr. Bomar was very refreshing and uplifting. My experience with psychiatrists is they are a bit odd and distant. Not the case with Dr. Bomar. Warm, inviting, friendly, and actually helpful.”
“(Dr. Bomar) always provided verbal information as well as literature on the medications being prescribed. I always felt I could ask questions if needed and answers were readily available.”
“Dr. Bomar was extremely beneficial in explaining and prescribing medications and working with me to find a healthy balance.”
“The doctor is awesome.”
” I could not have asked for better care.”
“Amazing. I had information about all of the medications I was taking. Very compassionate and always available. I felt very comfortable asking questions.”
“Dr. Bomar is amazing. He has an incredible “bedside manner” and I came here with wanting NO medications. Dr. Bomar recommended medications that may be helpful and I was hesitant. Well, I am leaving pretty much begging him not to take that medication away, as it has made such a positive impact on me.”
“Awesome. I got sick with bronchitis and everyone was so caring. I had to go eventually to the clinic and was taken immediately.”
“Very helpful and available.”
“Services rendered by (Dr. Bomar) are beyond excellent.”