Minneapolis, MN Alumni Meeting

Greetings Minneapolis Area Alumni!

Our next alumni meeting in your area is taking place on Monday, July 17th, from 6:30-8:00pm. The event will be peer led by Onsite Alumni Derrick Strom and Tyler Reitzner.

We will gather at Solomon’s Porch, 100 W 46th St, Minneapolis, MN 55419. If you wish to contact Derrick or Tyler before the event, you may do so here: derrickstrom@gmail.com and reitznert@yahoo.com.

All Onsite alumni are welcome! We look forward to seeing you there!

Meet Derrick
Derrick attended Milestones at Onsite in July and August of 2015 and continues on a journey of finding peace, wholeness and self-discovery. While at Milestones, he had the opportunity to experience what a supportive, safe community of others who share similar life experiences can be and do in his life. When asked why he was interested in helping start an alumni group in the Twin Cities he said, “It is my desire to see this type of community develop here because I don’t think I’m the only one who needs it.”
Meet Tyler
Tyler Reitzner is an Onsite workshop alum and is in his own long-term recovery from PTSD and Substance Use Disorder. Tyler is passionate about strong recovery and helping people thrive in life. Tyler has personally experienced first-hand how effective treatment and supportive recovery services can be in healing relationships. Tyler is the father of two sons and for him, recovery always goes back to the relationships with his kids. He believes if the family is healthy, then the kids are healthy. Healthy kids are where Tyler’s heart is—his own and those of any family affected by behavioral health issues. Tyler’s hope is that by partnering with Onsite to create a safe space for people to process and heal it will also create better relationships between the people involved and their families.