Changing the Game in 2017

Dear Onsite Family,

With the holidays upon us and a new year waiting in the wings, I want to take a moment to reflect on another unforgettable year we have had together. If you’re reading this, you have played a significant role in where Onsite is today. Together we have reached new heights with our programs and because of your enthusiasm, energy, love and support, we have served more people than ever before. I’m immensely proud of our alumni, their courage to grow and the successes we have experienced together this year. I’ve seen great progress from so many of our guests who have come to us seeking hope, and it’s humbling to be a part of this sacred process. This would not happen without the dedication and love from you, our alumni, friends, family, group leaders, clinical team, administration, hospitality teams and donors.

It’s been a year of amazing announcements and I’m excited to share with you that Onsite’s foundation, Possibilities Inc., has played a monumental role in helping people struggling to find emotional freedom. We set out a few years ago to leverage our services and diversify our socio-economic impact by creating more healing opportunities for vulnerable populations. As our foundation has continued to expand, having the biggest year to date in 2016, we feel we are just getting started. Due to our growth and social impact initiatives, we will move into 2017 with a new name, The Onsite Foundation, to help clarify our brand and tell our story. Our world has never been in more need of effective counseling resources. Together, we can make an impact, and spread inclusion, love and healing.

In January, we are honored to be offering for the first time, a Veterans Living Centered Program specifically designed for military veterans to help improve the lives of those who keep us safe. Each veteran will attend this week-long program on a full scholarship. Once we opened registration for the Veterans Living Centered Program, we filled every spot in 48 hours and have a very long waiting list. We have this program 70% funded and would love your help and consideration in joining us with year-end donations to help deliver this important and beautiful opportunity to those attending and those desperate to join us for a second program.

Our leadership programs continue to grow and the model is raising eyebrows and making an impact. We believe people become better leaders by becoming better human beings and that takes emotional awareness, courage, vulnerability, and a lot of trusting the process. We are now serving over 300 leaders made up of men and women from all over the country who are making a difference in human services, helping professions and other industries. We believe we can help improve outcomes by making culture and organizational health a priority. Join us as we continue leaning into the difficult and important process of mirroring and modeling healthy change and vulnerability. Contact us to inquire about joining the emotional leadership movement.

For almost four decades our workshops and trainings have been changing lives all over the world. This year we are excited to announce that we are growing the workshops and providing more opportunities for people to attend our world-renowned Living Centered Program. We will be sending out the additional dates soon and look forward to seeing many new and returning faces on campus in 2017.

As we enter our third year at Milestones at Onsite, we have much to celebrate. With new leadership and significant clinical infrastructure growth, we quietly and proudly continue creating a gold standard for trauma, mental health, and codependency treatment. We saw more clients than ever before in 2016, and I am immensely proud of our team for leading with love, grace and clinical excellence. Every individual who works at Milestones is igniting a fire inside our clients and leading them to discover the best is yet to come. We have never been more excited to continue working toward providing some of the most innovative healing opportunities in the country.

For any mistakes or times we may have fallen short this year, I want to sincerely apologize. We continue to learn that building community and growth is a messy, imperfect process. The way we grow together and get better is by encouraging and inviting your valuable feedback when our team knocks it out of the park and when we need to improve. We are open, appreciative and value opportunities to celebrate a team member’s awesome work and to repair any areas in which trust might have been compromised in any way by our well-intended team.

Together, we’re making an impact on some of the most important issues facing society. We’re striving to help reduce the stigma on mental health and around asking for help.

Ahead in 2017, we are launching a sustainability project, which includes growing our own produce to use in the meals we serve, installing more energy-efficient lighting and increasing our recycling efforts.

Because of the impact each of you has had, whether as a participant, referent, alumni, Onsite team member or a loved one of our team members, we all get to discover acceptance, unconditional love, hope and joy. I express sincere gratitude for your continued trust and support. Muhammad Ali said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” The knowledge that you’ve helped someone else is a powerful reward – one which I hope you’ll feel this holiday season and throughout the year.

Enjoy this time with your loved ones. I could not be more excited for the year ahead and for the opportunity to work with all of you to make it happen.

With love and respect,
Miles Adcox