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Changing the Game in 2017

Dear Onsite Family, With the holidays upon us and a new year waiting in the wings, I want to take a moment to reflect on another unforgettable year we have had together. If you’re reading this, you have played a significant role in where Onsite is today. Together we have reached new heights with our … Continue reading Changing the Game in 2017

Pursuing Peace

I have a naturally restless mind. The conflict between immersing myself in current goals or ideas, and planning new or better futures for myself, is a regular one. I am, however, blessed with the occasional moments of transcendence. After all, my “successes” and “failures” are constructions of my own ego, and ego is a slippery … Continue reading Pursuing Peace

Exploring Relationship Building: Fearlessly, Shamelessly and Vulnerably

A friend recently texted a quote to me that made me stop in my tracks and begrudgingly agree with the author. It was from a psychologist named Dan Allender who recently wrote “At a deep level, I’m torn in two by caring pursuit. I want someone who WANTS to hear me.  Does hear me. Takes me seriously.  … Continue reading Exploring Relationship Building: Fearlessly, Shamelessly and Vulnerably

Centuries of Healing: A Historical Perspective on Onsite’s Beginnings

Nestled deep in the rolling hills of Tennessee is an iron ore village left over from America’s Reconstruction Era with a rich life-giving history of healing and truth. At first, it might feel like a stretch to see the parallels between a village known for its industrial advances and its current standing as the home … Continue reading Centuries of Healing: A Historical Perspective on Onsite’s Beginnings

Money and Trauma

Money and Trauma Take a moment to remember an early, early memory about money that was upsetting. Think about that memory and look to see if you can see any trauma attached to it.  It may be there – hidden, and possibly kind of subtle. Let me share one of mine with you.  Back when … Continue reading Money and Trauma

Living Letters Project

The mission of the Living Letters Project is to spread the healing power of love and hope through empathy. We believe people loving people has the power to alleviate suffering and emotional pain. We hope to reach families, friends, and loved ones who have been affected by tragedy and trauma. We want them to see … Continue reading Living Letters Project