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Coming October 2015

A Story Isn't Great
Until It's Told


At Onsite, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. We know that the journey of life can be challenging at times, however, we chose to "trust the process" on the road to emotional freedom. Therefore, we have decided to let some of our alumni tell their stories of hope and transformation. Our goal is to inspire others to live with greater trust and faith in the abundance of life through the power of our story .


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Our goal is to create an environment for maximum impact. Onsite Alumni, from all over the world, have expressed a deep desire to stay connected to the many relationships formed at Onsite. We are prepared to share our events around the world so that you can stay connected, seen, heard, and valued.

Birmingham, AL Alumni Meeting
November 8th, 6PM
University of Alabama Centr for Psychiatric Medicine
Minneapolis, MN Alumni Meeting
November 6th, 6:30PM
Solomon's Porch
Nashville, TN Alumni Meeting
November 15th, 6:30PM
Second Presbyterian Church
UK Alumni Meeting
16th November, 6:30PM
St. Nicholas' Church Guildford
Austin, TX Alumni Meeting
November 13th, 6:30PM
Orange County Alumni Meeting
October 25th, 6:30PM
Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach
West Palm, FL Alumni Meeting
October 26th, 6:30PM
1408 N Killian Dr.
Boulder, CO Alumni Meeting
October 26th, 6PM
3775 Iris Ave. Suite 6
NYC Alumni Meeting
October 26th, 6:30PM
1841 Broadway, Suite 806
Salt Lake City Alumni Meeting
November 5th, 2PM
1945 S 1100 E, Suite 202, Salt Lake City UT 84105